Enlighter Magazine is the only online magazine designed specifically for the needs of the growing global community interested in lighting design and light art. Our readers have been steadily increasing ever since we were founded 3 years ago and today they consist mostly of lighting designers and artists, architects and product designers both students as well as the leading professionals. We received an amazing amount of positive feedback from our readers some of which can be seen on the image on the left. If you want to know more about our readers please have a look at our media kit.

We believe lighting equipment is essential to the success of every lighting design or light art project and that is why we are offering these generous options of promoting it.


If the answer is lighting designers, architects, light artists, industrial designers and everyone else interested in light both students and professionals, Enlighter Magazine is the right answer.

You can find out more about your readers in our media kit

If you want to say what your brand stands for, direct our readers to your website or maybe tell the world about an exciting event you are organising, then probably the Banners package is the right solution.

If you on the other hand want to show your new products, you might want to consider our Advertorials package.

Planing your advertising campaign, its intensity and budget can be a tedious task. That is why we prepared several options which are clearly explained on these pages.

If you do have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our banners are positioned on highly visible and integrated places. On each place there are 3 rotational spots. We accept static (jpg) or dynamic (swf) banners as long as they within the specified dimensions.

Top Banner

Banners on
post pages

How does it work?

What do we accept:
  • jpg images
  • flash (.swf) movies with dimensions as described


Your advertorial will be published on the main section of the webpage - among lighting design projects. This section is what most of our readers come here to see. Your advertorial will also be inserted into our Manufacturers database as well and remain accessible as long as You want!

Website Advertorial

Newsletter Advertorial

How does it work?

What do we need to get:
  • A set of jpg images showing the product/item. The width of the images has to be 430px or more and the resolution 70dpi or more. We are happy to show renderings, drawings or even sketches. The more images the better.
  • Text describing the product/item. We reserve the right to change the text as per our Terms of Service

Choose the Dates for the Banners

Top banner
Share of Voice
0 EUR/day
approx. 300 pageviews/day*
Share of Voice
0 EUR/day
approx. 300 pageviews/day*
In-text banner
Share of Voice
0 EUR/day
approx. 300 pageviews/day*

Book Advertorials

Book the Website Advertorial (50 EUR/piece)
Include Newsletter Advertorial (100 EUR/piece). Max 3.

How many advertorials
would you like to book:

*based on Google Analytics Statistics for first quarter of 2011