Lighting Design and Light Art Magazine Image wrap this up it is time

Most things in life eventually come to an end. Unfortunately it is time Enlighter Magazine does the same. We, the editors, have found other exciting endeavors that keep us too busy to continue keeping this magazine alive.

Although it has been an exciting five years – I am always surprised how long we have managed to keep this running – it is time now to simply stop. The website will remain open and accessible for quite some time however we won’t be adding any new content except an occasional article about a lighting conference or similar kind of an event related to the lighting industry.

Thanks to all of our partners, our existing and past co-workers for making this possible. We are also grateful to all of the designers that were sending us their wonderful projects – without them, we wouldn’t exist. And lastly, a big THANK YOU to you – our readers. You were the reason we kept going all those years.


Enlighter Magazine


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