These pages present Terms of Services under which Enlighter Magazine operates. By accessing any of Enlighter Magazine’s pages you agree to these terms.


All copyrights for the content on Enlighter Magazine are reserved. This includes but is not limited to all the logos, texts, images, photos, drawings and renderings published anywhere on Enlighter Magazine’s pages. The copyright owners for the content published on Enlighter Magazine is Enlighter d.o.o., SlomŇ°kova 23, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia and/or our content providers and/or the authors which may include architects, designers, photographers, moder builders and similar. Unless stated oterhwise you may download the content if it is used strictly for non-commercial content and for personal use. It is strictly forbidden to use any of the content on Enlighter Magazine pages for commercial use or use that may benefit any kind of business entity or public institution, and for any kind of reproduction including photocopying, republishing on any website, publishing in any kind of print media or television.


In general we are happy to see the content on Enlighter Magazine republished as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • Enlighter Magazine is clearly cited as the reference with a hyperlink pointing to the article on Enlighter Magazine pages
  • All of the credits for the text of the article, photos, images, drawings and renderings is kept and clearly displayed on the re-published article
  • Terms of Service for your website is accessible to all visitors and is similar to these

The syndication does not constitute a breach of our terms of service only as long as re-publishing of our articles is not excessive. You may not re-publish articles in their entirety or a large number of our articles. If you are in doubt please contact us.

Submitting a story/publishing an article

By sending us a request to publish an article you consent that you have the rights to publish this material on Enlighter Magazine. We do not ask the authors of the images, drawings or any kind of submitted content, for permission to publish an article nor do we pay for the permission. By sending us the material you agree that you take the whole responsibility for the claims of copyrights breach of published material should they arise.

Should such a claim be made Enlighter Magazine will immediately delete the article in question and take necessary steps allowed by law.


General comment: Enlighter Magazine is a Lighting Design and Light Art Magazine. Therefore we reserve the right to deny advertising space if an ad is not related to the subject we write about. We will also  deny advertising space should an ad feature  any content that promotes or shows violent, pornographic material and/or content that promotes any kind of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, sexual preference and similar. Should such a measure take place your payment will be reimbursed.


Material for advertorials has to include a minimum of 4 images in jpg format with minimum width of 430px and minimum dpi of 70. The material has to also include a short description of the product/solution you would like to present. We reserve the right to alter the description as we see fit. We do not send the article back to you for approval.

Comment: By definition advertorials are articles that have the appearance of an editorial (a regular article), however they are paid for and endorse/present a product. By reserving the right to change the description as we see fit we make sure the advertorial fits into the rest of the content better.

We reserve the right to publish maximum 3 advertorials per week by the same advertiser.


Banner dimensions have to follow the rules and guides as described in the advertising section of Enlighter Magazine website. The banners have to be either in jpg, gif or swf format. The banners cannot exceed the specified dimensions in any way, which includes interactive effects possible with flash movies media.